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Brooklyn's Finest Boutique Studio

About us


The story begins like this...

In 2012 Mark Mastellone, a former band mate of the group Suprasod (Virgin Records Germany recording artists), set out to have his own personal rehearsal space. The goal was to write and record new music.

As time rolled by,  the room evolved into a new idea.  Mastellone decided that thru his passion and love of music, he would customize and build the studio to create what is now the Red Room Studio Suite.

As improvements were made to the room it became an environment where others
could benefit from the creative energy the space radiates.

Atmosphere plays a important roll in creativity. That is why Red Room Studio Suite has become more and more popular with regional talent as well as West Coast artists looking for a more intimate place to work. Red Room Studio Suite boasts hi tech equipment for maximum output.

Our Studio and Engineers provide that setting for all artists. This enables your talents and technique to be optimized to the next level.

Drop us an email or give us a call for more information or to arrange a tour!!